Elroy and his friend Syd have just put together a machine called the Canine Revitalizer for their science project when they discover their machine and Elroy's dog Blue are missing. The dog and the revitalizer were stolen by an underground crime club. The whole point of the game is then to find Elroy's dog and get the machine back before the end of the day

Elroy Hits the Pavement
Developer Headbone Interactive
Publisher Headbone Interactive
Episode No. 2
Platform Windows, Mac,
Release date 1996
Genre Adventure
Mode Single player
Rating Ages 8 to 9


Join Elroy and his pal Blue in this relentlessly inventive cartoon adventure. You have to use your head as you play -- like learning about lasers, batteries, secret codes and special fuels to help Elroy break into the booby-trapped, bad guys' hideout. You decide where the story goes; play it again and again as you uncover the different ways to wrap up this fully animated adventure game.


The game is a point and click adventure.

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